Welcome to Lamain beauty, a company that's black owned, but built on inclusivity, diversity and Non toxic products, - with all our products proudly made in USA.

Lamain is a pioneering cruelty free makeup brand mainly formulated to enhance Beauty of all complexions by creating hope and setting new standards to help women see and let their true beauty shine. Lamain’s main goal is to satisfy the unique demands of all women with different aspects of life. For-example age, background, skin types, race and shades of beauty for a purpose. We mainly believe in love, fulfillment, satisfaction, human experience and all our products are “ thoughtfully made with you in mind” — from manufacturing, branding, packaging and opening your first package to chatting with our customer service. Through collaboration and our rewards program, We would also like to meet like-minded people to continually feel a sense of community and deliver every product like it's a gift of hope.

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